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Application for Tennessee Attorney General and Reporter

Summary of the Process and Instructions to the Applicant

Notice: The Tennessee Supreme Court considers all applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age or disability in accordance with state and federal laws. In addition, the Tennessee Supreme Court complies with applicable state and local laws prohibiting discrimination in employment in every jurisdiction in which it has employees. The Tennessee Supreme Court also provides reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities in accordance with applicable laws.
Download the application in Microsoft Word format


1. Application:

A qualified attorney desiring to be considered for appointment as Attorney General and Reporter must complete an application which is available from the Office of the Director, Administrative Office of the Courts, Nashville City Center, 511 Union Street, Nashville, TN 37219, (615) 741-2687. A completed application and seven copies must be received by the Administrative Office of the Courts on or before the close of business July 17, 2006. No application received beyond the time established will be considered.

2. Interviews & Public Hearing:

The Court will review the applications and select those applicants who will be invited to continue in the selection process. The Court has set aside September 12 and 13 to interview the selected applicants and to conduct a public hearing. The locations and times of the interviews and public hearing will be announced. The public is invited to attend the public hearing. Persons wishing to address the Court in support of or in opposition to any applicant may do so in writing to the Administrative Office of the Courts on or before September 5, 2006. Only applicants will make oral presentations to the Court and respond to questions from the Court in the public hearing.

3. Investigation:

As a part of the selection process, applicants may be investigated by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, and the investigation may reach any area relevant to the position, including civil, criminal and financial records. Checks may also be conducted, as appropriate, of records on file with the Board of Professional Responsibility, Board of Law Examiners, Court of the Judiciary, Tennessee Lawyers Assistance Program, or similar entity.

4. Public Record:

All material submitted in or with the application and written communications from the public shall be a matter of public record.


1. Please type all answers. Upon request, the application is available on disk. (Microsoft Word) If using the disk format, please type all information after the numbered question.

2. Please answer completely all questions in the application form. If a question does not apply, write "Not applicable" in the space provided. If information is not available, write "Not available," and state your reason(s) for the unavailability.

If more space is needed, and you are not using the disk format, attach additional pages at the end of the application form, indicating by number the question being answered. If you are using the disk format, refer to B.1 above.

3. Checklist of material to be submitted with the application:

a. A signed original application (Note: A signed original application includes a voluntary waiver to conduct a Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) background check, including criminal, civil and financial records.)

b. Seven (7) copies of the signed application, including any supplemental pages.

c. Supplemental information, if any, attached as an appendix to each copy of the application form.

4. Applications and questions should be submitted to:

Randy C. Camp, Director
Administrative Office of the Courts
Suite 600, Nashville City Center
511 Union Street
Nashville, Tennessee 37219
(615) 741-2687

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