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Court seeks comment on MJP,
CLE ratio and conditional admission proposals

The Tennessee Supreme Court today released orders publishing for comment three proposals — two by the TBA. One TBA proposal deals with multijurisdictional practice (MJP), the other deals with the number of hours of pro bono service required for special CLE credit. A third proposal deals with the conditional admission of lawyers.

The MJP proposal addresses temporary and casual activities which might be considered the practice of law and permits in-house counsel limited practice privileges only for their employer-clients if they register. Some 37 states have adopted MJP rules since the ABA recommended changes four years ago.

In-house counsel would register and pay the same fees as fully-licensed lawyers and could do limited pro bono service. They would not be permitted to otherwise practice law or appear in court except on pro hac vice admission.

Comment on this proposal is due by March 9, 2009.

The CLE rule would change the number of hours needed to qualify for the special E&P CLE credit from one hour of credit for every eight hours of pro bono service to one hour of credit for every five hours of pro bono service. The CLE Commission joined the TBA in recommending this change. It is seen as another way to enhance pro bono service in Tennessee.

Comment on this proposal is due by February 7, 2009.

The conditional admission proposal was submitted by the Board of Law Examiners with the Tennessee Lawyers Assistance Program and the Board of Professional Responsibility. It would allow admission of lawyers who demonstrate recent rehabilitation from chemical dependency or successful treatment that would otherwise have rendered the applicant unfit to practice law. The TBA supports conditional admission.

Comment on this proposal is due by March 9, 2009.
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