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Court publishes 2010 rules package

The Tennessee Supreme Court today (Dec. 15, 2009) published rules amendments to be effective July 1, 2010, subject to approval by resolutions of the Tennessee General Assembly.

As signaled in the proposed rule published by the court in November, the civil procedure rules amendment includes a provision permitting discovery of insurance limits. The amendment to the civil procedure rules also includes new provisions allowing lawyers to accomplish service of pleadings and other papers electronically and permission to file electronically if permitted by local rule. In addition, the rules package includes an amendment to the Rules of Appellate Procedure requiring that briefs include a statement as to the applicable standard of review. The Rules of Criminal Procedure would be modified to clarify the entitlement to a preliminary hearing and addressing the administration of competency hearings. Evidence rules would be changed to protect against inadvertent disclosure of privileged information working a waiver of the privilege. Below are the full rules proposals:

Amendments to Rules of Evidence

Amendments to Rules of Criminal Procedure

Amendments to Rules of Civil Procedure

Amendments to Rule 26 of the Rules of Civil Procedure

Amendments to Rules of Appellate Procedure

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