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Candidates qualify for 2009 TBA elections

In accordance with Section 41 and 42 of the TBA Bylaws, the following are duly qualified for the office of Vice President.  A contested election will be conducted for the office in accordance with Sections 42, 43 and 44 of the Bylaws.

• Danny Van Horn, Memphis

• Linda Warren Seely, Jackson

Voting is open to all TBA members, with online voting beginning on February 27.  Each member with an email address on file will receive an email with login information from ElectionsOnline. For those who are unable to vote online or who choose to vote by paper ballot, those ballots will be mailed out on or before March 30.

The following candidates have duly qualified for election to the office named. No contests exists for these offices and the TBA Board of Governors may declare them automatically elected.

Governor West Tennessee (one-year term)
Brian Faughnan, Memphis

Governor Middle Tennessee (one-year term)
Barbara Holmes, Nashville

Governor East Tennessee (one-year term)
Cynthia R. Wyrick, Sevierville

Governor 3rd District (three-year term)
Chris Varner, Chattanooga

Governor 6th District (three-year term)
Patrick Carter, Columbia

Governor 9th District (three-year term)
Carl Carter, Memphis

ABA Delegate, Position 1
Jonathan Cole, Nashville

ABA Delegate, Position 3 (young lawyer)
Tasha Blakney, Knoxville

House of Delegates Election

In accordance with Section 42 of the TBA Bylaws, the following members are duly qualified for election to the office named. No contest exists for these offices and the TBA House of Delegates may declare them automatically elected.


Second District: Michael Forrester
Fourth District: Al Schmutzer
Sixth District: Shelly Wilson
Seventh District:   Neil McBride
Eighth District: Jamer Romer
Ninth District: Loren Plemmons
Tenth District: Marcia McMurray
Eleventh District: Arnold Stulce
Alicia Oliver of Chambliss, Bahner & Stophel
Thirteenth District: Jane Powers
Fourteenth District:   John LaBar
Twentieth District: Neal McBrayer
Twenty-Second District: Claudia Jack
Twenty-Third District: John Lee Williams
Twenty-Fourth District: Charlie Trotter
Twenty-Fifth District: Drew Johnston
Twenty-Sixth District: Jonathan Steen
Twenty-Seventh District: Paul Hutcherson
Twenty-Eighth District: Jerry Flippin
Thirtieth District: Randy Womack

No candidate filed a declaration of candidacy for the following districts.  Therefore, the Speaker, Deputy Speaker and Secretary are charged with filling any vacancy which may be created when no candidate qualifies for district delegate.  The TBA YLD fills the Young Lawyer delegate vacancies.


First District: No Candidate
Third District:   No Candidate
Fifth District: No Candidate
Sixth District: No Second Candidate
Twelfth District: No Candidate
Fifteenth District: No Candidate
Sixteenth District:   No Candidate
Seventeenth District: No Candidate
Eighteenth District: No Candidate
Nineteenth District: No Candidate
Twentieth District: No Second Candidate
Twenty-First District: No Candidate
Twenty-Ninth District: No Candidate
Thirtieth District: No Second Candidate
Thirty-First District: No Candidate
Young Lawyer East: YLD to fill vacancy
Young Lawyer Middle: YLD to fill vacancy
Young Lawyer West: YLD to fill vacancy

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